Removal of the City of Struthers Mahoning River Dam

As a part of Ohio EPA water quality and habitat improvement initiatives, this project was funded through the Water Resources Restoration Sponsorship Program (WRRSP). Primary project objectives included removal of river bound sediments, removal of the low-head dam, and river restoration within a 0.6-mile river reach.

 The proximity of contaminated sediment materials within stable river banks provided some challenges as to the location and extent that dredging disturbances would be performed. Based on results from a sediment sampling plan and test results, our team developed a prioritized approach and targeted removal of sediments with the highest contaminant concentration.

Sediment Management

Sediment management for other areas was handled by isolation and containment methods where applicable. Sediment removal was completed using mechanical dredging and disposal within a designated upland area adjacent to the dam site. Removal of the concrete dam, as well as a discovered wood dam remnant, allowed an increased channel slope to improve sediment transport through the prior pooled reach.

 Restoration techniques included repurposing of mid-channel substrate, reconstruction of rifle-pool morphology and increased coarsening of substrates for habitat enhancement. Rock bendway weir features were also implemented to redirect the river thalweg away from the riverbank.

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City of Struthers

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