A specialty contractor for river and wetland restoration efforts

As a specialty contractor, we can provide certain advantages over large construction contractors. RiverReach Construction owns and maintains a working fleet of heavy equipment selected specifically for river and wetland restoration efforts. Our low ground pressure equipment is designed to get the work done efficiently with as minimal impact to the project site as possible.

We also maintain several lines of credit with various equipment rental companies for the solempurpose of augmenting our owned equipment fleet to guarantee the availability of necessary equipment for ongoing projects. RiverReach Construction has the equipment, staff, and resources to run projects concurrently, giving us a key advantage over other contractors.

By approaching each project with a spirit of teamwork and open discussion of project goal, challenges and constraints, we have been able to put many successful projects on the ground and are very proud of our working relationships with designers and clients such as The Holden Arboretum, Lockheed Martin, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, EnviroScience, Inc. and GPD Engineering Group.


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