Stabilization and Restoration of Baldwin Creek Bank

The Baldwin Creek site is limited by infrastructure to the west and high topography to the east creating a very constrained corridor. A storm sewer parallels Linden and discharges just upstream of a culvert crossing to a private residence at the north end of the site. Upstream at the south end of the site, the existing east headwall on the Linden culverts is failing and leaning towards the creek. The existing steel retaining walls immediately downstream of the Linden culvert have failed. The project limits are mostly on City of Parma owned property but a portion of the improvements are within three additional properties. The confined nature of this reach creates a high erosion risk and a significant bank failure and slumping around a manhole has occurred forcing the sidewalk to be closed. The goals of the Baldwin Creek project area are to stabilize the stream bank and protect the adjacent infrastructure.

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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

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