Shalersville Operations Construction & Restoration

The design was constrained to a portion of the site between the mining pit and a steep slope. A considerable amount of earthwork was needed to prepare the site for restoration, and was performed to maximize potential floodplain and create a foundation for long-term stability within narrow time constraints. A total of 5,554 ft. of stream was constructed, and 8.1 acres of wetland (floodplain/riverine, permanently inundated and emergent) was restored and/or created onsite. The constructed wetlands were planted with over 300 trees (ranging from 3 gallon pots to 4-inch caliper sizes), over 1800 herbaceous plugs, and over 4000 live stakes.

Resourceful Construction Ingenuity

Since the downstream reach of Harper Ditch is classified as Exceptional Warmwater Habitat by the Ohio EPA, an extensive amount of habitat was incorporated into the stream channel and adjacent wetlands. Additionally, the stream channel was stabilized with numerous low profile grade control and bank revetment structures by reusing woody materials recovered onsite. This resourceful approach was also necessary due to the sandy, unconsolidated nature of the subgrade substrate. The project continues to perform very well, meeting criteria outlined in the site mitigation plan.

Project Details

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