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In partnership with EnviroScience Inc. and GPD & Associates, RiverReach Construction and its partners strive to make a difference under the RiverWorks Partnership.

In RiverWorks, every member of the partnership brings a unique skill sets and abilities to the table and from the beginning of the design phase to the completion of construction all team members are involved in every step of the process. As the construction portion of the team we bring to the table first hand construction experience paired with ecological consideration for all our projects. Beginning in the design phase we help establish whats the most cost effective and feasible way of improving the target streams and/or wetlands so that every dollar spent by our clients is maximized and used in the best way possible. We also help establish project boundaries to protect nearby wetlands or other sensitive areas from disturbance by our project to help minimize our impact on our surroundings.

RiverWorks is a dedicated team of restoration biologists, engineers and construction specialists that provides designbuild services for stream and wetland restoration. The partnership combines EnviroScience’s expertise in high quality ecological restoration design, GPD’s expertise in site, structural and hydraulic engineering, and the specialized restoration construction experience of RiverReach Construction. The result is, we believe, an unparalleled collaboration of talents that we have dedicated to the industry of ecological restoration since 2007.

The Riverworks Team

EnviroScience has provided stream and wetland restoration, endangered species surveys, and other biomonitoring services to federal, state, and municipal governments, as well as industrial and private clients since 1988. The company’s reputation for excellence is built on the success of projects ranging from small studies on intermittent streams to major surveys on the Ohio River. EnviroScience is at the forefront of regulatory and scientific developments in this rapidly changing field.

EnviroScience Inc.

GPD Group is a diversified company comprising over 300 professionals providing architectural and engineering design services for a broad public and private client base. GPD has provided design services within the northeast Ohio region for over fifty years. Keying on innovative water resource management strategies, every project is optimized to achieve economic and ecological value for our clients and our shared environment. We embrace current environmental challenges, and excel as leaders in the movement to implement sound watershed planning, ecological restoration and sustainable site design solutions.

GPD Group

RiverReach Construction is a specialized general contracting company. having vast experience in the repair, remediation and construction of streams, rivers, and lakes of varying size. RiverReach Construction has the expertise in working closely with the design teams and the owners to ensure that the vision becomes a reality. As a local Northeast Ohio firm, RiverReach Construction has the local knowledge and contacts to find creative and cost effective avenues for every type of project when necessary. In addition to restoration construction, the company and its employees have a wide range of past experiences in landscaping, general excavation and demolition.

RiverReach Construction